Since the year 2000, we have wealth of expertise & experience in manufacturing of precision quality fasteners & machining components comprising a wide range such as dowel pins, taper pins, pull pins, clevis pins, socket shoulder bolts & customized parts.

At BPI, our business philosophy is based on strict code of ethics and a commitment to deliver global quality products and services to the esteemed customers, exceeding their expectations. In a very short time since our humble beginnings, we have been led by veterans of the fasteners industry and have established a huge customer base in India and we’ve also expanded our market to other parts of the world. Our products have won global acceptance based on quality, timely delivery and service. And we are confident of continuing with the same momentum in the future.



We use the latest technology, conduct continual investments in new machineries & the state of art measuring devices and adopt advanced Product Realization Processes. Our in-house production facility is able to manufacture all kinds of parts; both standard sizes as well as client specified ones. Options of ferrous and non-ferrous materials are also available.


Product Quality:

By utilizing cold forging, black oxidization, passivation and other techniques, our machine parts can withstand corrosion, overheating and high level stress. And with a provision of traceability for each part, we have ensured that our quality standards will remain high as our products become a cog in a long manufacturing supply chain. Any defects can be easily reported and prompt solutions can be provided by us. We remain confident about proving our credential in the future.



Led by experienced production supervisors, our company has energetic, qualified and dedicated team of Engineers & Technicians who handle every aspect of production process. We also owe our exemplary service record to our delivery supervisors and workers who carefully manage all aspects of transport logistics, resulting in timely delivery and quick resolution of issues. A total of 50+ staff members have remained instrumental in our success. Their cumulative experiences have driven our productive phase of BPI.

We are an ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Company. Along with this, we also have IS, DIN and BS certifications that prove our global reach and international quality of products.

Our Management Philosophy is as follows:

Through work, we are determined to make our staff responsible & trustworthy persons that can contribute to community



Bhagwati Precision Industries has developed a smooth functionality system that ensures totally dependable, on time delivery. When you ask for us, you are sure to get Durability, Safety and Punctuality.


Our Visionaries:

Mr. Sanjay Kumar, Director (ITI, Tractor Mechanic):

With 33 Years Experience in Fastener Line (Tool Room, Production), Mr Kumar conceived BPI based on his philosophy of precision, where every work and service methodology is permeated by precise focus on results. Not only the ends, but the means to achieve them must be like a magnifying glass that microscopically looks for any imperfections to be dealt with.


Mr. Ankit Saini (B.Tech-Mechanical Engg.):

With 2 years experience in automobile Line (Sales and Production Line) and 2 years in metallurgy (Procurement & Export), he possesses a broadened mind that understands not only the technicality of production processes, but also the personality of a leader who understands his subordinates and to lead them to better performance and service delivery.