Hereto in this document, Bhagwati Precision Industries is to be referred to as BPI Ltd and all subsequent mentions will use this terminology. “We”, “Our”, “Us” refer to the said company that shall comprise the opinions and statements of the top management and the board of directors.



The resultant quality policy document and guidelines are products of top management and board of directors of BPI Ltd and it is the duty of the management to ensure that this document remains relevant at any given period of time and shall be subject to scheduled reviews and updating in consultation with the board of directors of the said company.

It is also their responsibility to ensure that these guidelines are to be followed at all times and any deviations from the same are to reported and necessary actions be taken.


Quality Policy:

We, at BPI Ltd, place a great emphasis on ‘Precision’ which will be a guiding philosophy that shall extend to every aspect of our operations ranging from manufacturing till end sales client service. For, to be a prestigious manufacturer, an overall commitment is required and this is to be done by laying down the said policy below:

  1. Strict Adherence to quality standards.
  2. Excellent value based services.
  3. Transparency in all our dealings.
  4. Maintaining and improving customer satisfaction by all means.
  5. Dynamically building up learning and retention by regular training programs.
  6. Technological upgrading through knowledge of the best practices in the industry.


Quality Objectives:

In accordance with our overall quality policy, we have formulated measurable, achievable and scalable goals & objectives so as to ensure compatibility with the stated policies that shall lead our company to set newer benchmarks. We shall adhere to our policy by the following means and methodology:


  1. Improve Customer Satisfaction:
  • Ensuring that delivery time delays are at a maximum [insert percentage] of the total delivery orders.
  • By ensuring that rejection rates are [insert percentage] of the total order in a given time frame.
  • By providing best prices in consultation with the higher management.
  • Taking regular feedback from customers and providing response. The time frame of response must be within [insert hours, days or weeks].


  1. Reducing Rejection:
  • By taking countermeasures such as replacing products and utilizing customer service representatives in negotiating and convincing the clients. Counter measures to rejection must have a minimum success rate of [insert percentage] of the total rejection by clients.
  • By training employees in the process of quality manufacturing and service delivery in a consistent manner so as to reduce rejection rates.
  • Active monitoring of rejection trends so as to devise specific countermeasures and remedies.
  • Preventive maintenance shall be periodically conducted as per discretion of higher management so as to appreciably reduce rejection rates.
  • PPM impurities are to be reduced by 10% with regards to previous year quality objectives.
  • Inspection frequency to be maintained at a 100% rate at all times.


  1. Employee Training:
  • Training coverage to be extended to every employee.
  • Customized training to be imparted to specific employees. Such employees are to be evaluated individually to customize their training experience.
  • HR dept shall play a critical role in motivating employees through awards, citations and other means by which corporate morale shall be remain at its peak.


End Note:

The Quality Policies & Objectives have been communicated to the company employees through issuance via HR dept, pasting policy document across departmental offices, communicated through corporate website, training seminars, departmental meeting and many other means of communication as needed.

We believe in adherence to these quality norms which will improve productivity, efficiency & result in customer satisfaction and corporate growth that shall benefit all employees, the management, the board of directors and all other stakeholders.